Joshua Class

joshua class

Welcome to the Joshua Class! The Joshua Class is a 20 pupil class and has one teacher with an assistant. The ages of the learner’s are 4-5 years old in the class.
Our daily program comprises of Bible story praise and worship, charts, movement activities, perceptual program, creative activity, auditory and visual discrimination learnt activities, music activities and free play.

Our perceptual program includes learning to write numbers, different Math’s concepts, learning to write shapes. Visual discrimination is also an important part of the program and the learners are taught to tell the difference between certain objects and symbols. Fine Motor activities are incorporated during the day and the children are encouraged to practice and develop these skills.
Auditory activities include hearing to distinguish between different sounds and noises. Rhyming and word patterns are included as well as story telling from the teacher and the children.
The children do a creative activity every day and enjoy painting, cutting, drawing, gluing and making different collages. This encourages the children’s creativity and enjoyment to express themselves.
Gross Motor activities are an important part of the daily activities and daily time-table.
Movement is very important to the young child and they participate in different movement activities during the whole day. Children learn through moving their whole bodies and learn to use their bodies to grasp certain concepts.
Play is essential for children to grow socially as well as cognitively. Children play with each other and develop personal bonds with each other and are taught kindness, sharing and communication skills. Play time includes indoor play, free play, fantasy play and construction play , Outdoor play is done during break-time and this establishes wonderful bonds and social behavior.

In the Joshua Class we believe in encouraging children with a lot of love and support as well as training the young learner as a whole person. Our prime focus is the establishment of God in the children’s lives. The Godly aspects of life are taught and each child learns to establish a relationship with our Heavenly Father.