Daniel Class

daniel class

Welcome to the Daniel class!! We are 3-4 years old and are learning lots of new things everyday! In The Daniel Class we have lots of fun while we learn and make new friends.

We are growing up into “big kids” and learn how to treat others and how to do school work. We learn how to look after own belongings, how to share with others and how to control our emotions better.
We also learn to cut out pictures correctly and how to hold our crayons properly. Each day we do an art or creative activity which we take pride in our wonderful creations.

Everyday we learn different numbers, our colours, shapes and nursery rhymes. We love to play with all our friends and teacher teaches us to be kind and to share.
We learn a lot about Jesus and to be just like Him! It is so wonderful to learn different songs and Bible stories. I know how to do a pegboard and 30 pc puzzle all by myself and always do the worksheets that my teacher gives me.

My teacher shows me a lot of love and is always there to help me if I need it. What a wonderful school and class I have! I really love school and can’t wait to go everyday!