Samuel Class

samuel class

We are the Samuel class and are the youngest of the bunch. Our 4 month old babies are treated with lots of love and care and get lots of attention as there are only 12 children in this class. One teacher and two assistants help to ensure a peaceful and happy class.

We also do a bible story each day with lots of singing and music. Every Monday. Wednesday and Friday we do a creative activity , whilst learning lots of vocabulary, nursery rhymes and songs. Our outdoor play times are a little longer than the rest of the school and playing in the giant sandpit is of special delight. Exercise time is really fun when we roll on the giant ball, jump on the trampoline and lie on the skateboard amongst other exercises. Each day we end with a story. After an afternoon nap it is time to play again.
Children stay in our group until they turn 2 years old and then we potty train them for the older group next year.