Luke Class

luke class

Welcome to the Luke Class! The children in this class are 2-3 years old. There is one trained teacher with an assistant.

We have a lot of fun while learning! The children are still quite small but are crossing over from toddlers to the young child. The children are potty trained in this class and get out of their nappies to underwear! This is very exciting time in their little worlds and they start to realize they are growing up and are now going to the toilet like grown-ups!

Our daily program consists of a Bible story, Perceptual program which includes learning to use fine motor skills, to colours, and even the world around them.
Movement is a key factor at this age and the children learn to move their bodies and a lot of their learning takes place through movement. This is called Gross Motor movement and the little ones are encouraged to use their large muscles in their body. This is very good for the development of their position in space and can affect their fine motor capabilities. This is a lot of fun and it is wonderful to watch the toddlers learn to manipulate their bodies and learn different movements!

All the little ones are encouraged to play during play time and have a rich social connection with their peers. This encourages speech growth and social bonds as well as social inter-action.
Our focus is developing the child as a whole. Dr James Dobson and other experts reckon that at this age the little-ones are emotionally and spiritually most receptive and whatever they are taught at this age will most likely manifest in their teen years.

Our aim in the Luke class is to encourage the child to grow and therefore develop correctly. The little ones are introduced to Jesus and taught values and social behavior.
By creating a safe and fun learning environment where the children are shown a lot of love, we therefore teach them spiritual principles and morals. This investment in each individual’s future is priceless and causes them to make a positive impact on others and become history makers!