John Class

john class

In The John Class we have 20 little ones ages 3- 4. There is one qualifies teacher in the class with an assistant.

We start the day with a Bible story, Praise and worship and a prayer. Then we do our Gross-Motor activities and exercises and the children usually have a lot of fun learning to use their bodies and do different movements. Then we do our counting, numbers, colours and shapes. We also discuss our theme of the week and the children are allowed to discuss and ask questions. Every week we have a different theme which includes: Transport, different colours, animals and environment.

We continue with our perceptual program which could be our number of the week , different worksheets, shapes on paper, puzzles and fine motor skills. Snack and juice time is next and after that free play were the children play indoors. Before Outdoor play we have supervised Toilet time. During outdoor play ( break time) children play on the jungle gyms, slides,swings and have fun in the sandpit. The children are supervised at all times and safety is a very important factor that is taken into consideration.

The children all participate in creative activity wich could include painting, gluing, drawing, and colouring-in. The last activity of our day is story and nursery rhyme time. The children are presented with different stories and are read nursery rhymes. By this time it is lunch time and the children are given a healthy home cooked lunch every day.